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I was one of the first people to use the Wix platform when it first launched and I have used it ever since, and before Wix I used a variety of other platforms. I have created many websites over the years, from actor websites, to online stores, academies, veterinary, medical and legal websites, and much more. The reason I have stuck with Wix all these years is because of how reliable they have been in terms of web design as well as customer service and technology advances. I love creating website and think of it as a modern form of art actually. I start all websites from scratch and never use templates. I talk to my clients beforehand and ask them to show me websites that they like, and I use these for inspiration. 

  • Web content can be included - I have 200+ reviews on Fiverr, many of which for my web content and product descriptions.

  • Show me websites that you like, and I will use them for inspiration.

  • Delivered in 48-hours

  • Unlimited revisions

  • 14-day customer support to help you use the website

  • Additional services available: video, social media set up, social media upkeep, photography, copywriting, product desctipions, graphic design, logo design, product photography, advertising design and more. 

  • Web design does not include domain name or hosting, which is always separate and paid yearly. I always recommend GoDaddy for domain names, as they are the most secure and reliable. I have used them for 15 years. 

  • Hosting must be with Wix, however domain names and email accounts can be purchased with Wix or elsewhere. 

Types of websites:

  • E-commerce | Online stores

  • Portfolio sites

  • Clinics: medical and veterinary

  • Schools & Acamedies

  • Websites with bookings or Shopping Carts

  • Artistic websites for actors, artists, photographers, musicians and other creatives

  • Websites for startups and new businesses

Australian Connection
Paramount English
VetMed Videos
Sweethearts Bakery
The Love Collection
Shine Nursing Agency
Australia Barista Training
Barefeet Films
Liberté Corps
Carlile Acting Studio
Barefeet Adventures




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