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I specialise in video production, and more specifically in spokesperson videos. These can be used for a welcome video on your website, as a commercial or a regular YouTube video series, or a more personalized touch on your customer service page.

I am the resident spokesperson at Caramel Camera, but other specific spokespersons can be easily sourced through my portfolio of freelancers. Just ask.

Videos include: script editing, filming on a green screen, costume/attire, text, your logo, images, backgrounds, transitions, intro/outro, and jingle.

All spokesperson videos include filming + editing.

Videos specialize in:

  • Video presentations

  • Social Media Videos

  • Commercials

  • Educational Videos

  • Medical & Veterinary Videos (Vet+Med Videos)

  • Vlogs

  • Product Reviews & Demonstrations

  • Travel Videos

  • Custom Videos

I have produced close to 50 spokesperson videos over the years below are a few samples to show you the types of videos available.

Outdoor Home - Spokesperson
Outdoor Home - Spokesperson
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Healthy Buildings - Spokesperson
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Australian Code of Ethics - Spokesperson
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