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Hello, I am Melanie. I am a multimedia producer with 15 years experience. I have worked on Fiverr since 2014 and it's the place where I have the most reviews from my clients, however I do prefer to work here, directly via my own website and brand, Caramel Camera. I am Australian and French, and I currently live in Madrid, although I was educated and got most of my work experience in New York. Throughout college, I worked for major record labels in LA and NY in the music video, A&R and publicity departments. Outside of freelancing, I am a filmmaker, writer and actor with IMDB credits. I have a B.A. in Media Arts and Journalism and a master's in Anthropology, I attended UCLA and Long Island University for my undergrad and Harvard for grad school. I have lived in many parts of the world, from Australia and New Zealand to France, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, the US, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. I specialize in very specific marketing areas, so for quick and specific work, take a look at the Packages page. Feel free to get in touch, read my reviews, browse the site or check out my social media. I look forward to working with you and getting you closer to your marketing goals, business dreams and the life you deserve! Hasta pronto! :) 

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I have been working in film and multimedia for 15 years, however I have only really started collecting officially recognized reviews since 2014 on Fiverr. Now I will begin collecting reviews from clients on TrustPilot as well. Both of these platforms are reliable and businesses cannot fake or eliminate reviews, this is what I like about these platforms. Feel free to click on the icons below to read my reviews!

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